The Friends of Gulf St Vincent (FoGSV) is a community group that is concerned about the protection and conservation of this wonderful, unique body of water and its biodiversity.

Membership is open to everyone, and we organise events to inform and and encourage all people who care about clean beaches, clean water, healthy seagrass meadows and reefs, and the plants and animals that can be found here.

Use this website to find information about the sea life in the Gulf, such as birds, crabs, dolphins and seals, eggs, fish, sea squirts, seagrasses and seaweeds, shells, starfish and worms. Check the article categories in the right sidebar to see what blog articles have been written about these topics.

Want to be involved in monitoring our water quality?  The Friends of Gulf St Vincent, in collaboration with the Adelaide and Mount Lofty NRM Board, have a project up and running now, to monitor water quality using Secchi discs.

Click here to read more about the Secchi Project and to get involved.


The Friends of Gulf St Vincent are grateful for the support of Members, other community groups and many individuals from local and state government departments who provide support and advice.

In particular, we wish to acknowledge the contributions of Frances Magill (Frances Magill Financial Strategists) our Auditor, and Alan Goldsmith (Knights and Bytes) who manages the Secchi database.


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Upcoming Events
  1. Dolphin Day at Port Adelaide

    April 11 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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