Members are invited to attend our Incorporation Meeting.

Members of FoGSV may be wondering why we are having a meeting to become incorporated – many of you probably thought that we were already incorporated.

Up until a couple of years ago we were affiliated with the Friends of Parks, which IS an incorporated body, and hence we were covered through our affiliation with them.

Due to changes within Friends of Parks, which altered the criteria for eligibility, we were informed that we no longer met this new criteria – because we did not carry out hands-on volunteer works within the State’s Protected Area System under the direct approval and supervision of DEWNR Park Rangers. So we were asked in writing not to renew our membership in 2012.

This did not at first raise alarm bells, as the consequences were not immediately realised. They became apparent earlier this year when we were changing signatures at the Bendigo Bank to enable the new office bearers to carry out their functions. The Bendigo Bank informed us that they could find no trace of us being a legal entity and under the law they were not able to deal with us unless we were.

Due to our loss of affiliation with the Friends of Parks we were no longer covered by their Incorporation or name.

We have since applied for, and received from the Commissioner of Corporate Affairs, a temporary name which runs out on 26th June if not confirmed by us by Incorporation.

I hope that this clears up any confusion and that we will see a good number of you at the Incorporation meeting for which we also hope to have a speaker and provide nibbles.
We urge as many members as possible to attend. It will be a good opportunity to touch base with some of the committee and also meet other members.

We now have a speaker confirmed – Janine baker, Marine Ecologist & Educator. Read below to find out more about her talk.

“What’s in the Gulf? 

The Weird and Wonderful Marine
Animals of Gulf St Vincent”

Janine Baker, marine ecologist and educator from citizen science group South Australian Conservation Research Divers (SACReD), will present a slideshow  about some of the less commonly seen, unusual and endemic species found in GSV waters. Some of the content is based upon the exploratory surveys undertaken around gulf waters during the past decade, by SACReD members and associates.

When: Sunday 15th June
Time: 4pm – 6pm
Venue: Henley Sailing Club – 1 Seaview Rd / Esplanade, West Beach

Light refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP to if you wish to attend.

Click here to download the pdf invite

 Continuing on with our chat with Featured speaker Sarah-Jo Lobwein and the work she does in regards to single use plastics #swapforthesea 2. Plastics - what can’t you avoid or still struggle with finding an alternative? . “Dried Dog food that’s not overly expensive (but recently found a brand that is meant to be home compostable packaging but will have to see if it passes my dog’s taste test!), potato and corn crisps (there seems to be alternative to all other snack packaging except for these) and CDs – I have always loved the joy of purchasing a new music CD and most come in plastic hard or paperboard plastic covered. Those three all have alternatives, but they are my naughty weaknesses. . The main struggle for me, as a someone who is gluten AND lactose intolerant AND travels to remote places, is sometimes I have to eat a lot of rice or just accept the plastic until I find a way to get the venue or place to change. Usually I take my own packaging with me and then bring it home to recycle, for example when I am home my bread comes in paper or reusable bags, but travelling I will take with me gluten free bread in plastic sealed bags.” . Plastic Free July example of a ready to go reusable kit you can have waiting by the door as you head out. . . . . . . . . #waronwaste #waste #saynotoplastics #refuse #recycle #reuse #repurpose #upcycle #protectourgulf #saveouroceans #gogreen #nature #conservation #climateaction #marinedebris #beachcleanup #bethechange #adelaide #fogsv #friendsofgulfstvincent
 Continuing on with our chat with Featured speaker Sarah-Jo Lobwein and the work she does in regards to single use plastics #swapforthesea . 1. Plastics - what have become your favourite swap items? . “There are technological advancements and inventions, (or rediscoveries of what society used before we became addicted to plastic), all the time that amaze me – straws made out of wheat for example, and consumable soft bio plastic packaging of pasta made out of algae that we can just throw into boiling water etc. . But my favourites are the every day items – reusable, take your own or compostable straws, cutlery, takeaway containers, coffee cups, water bottles, shopping bags, paper bin bags and produce bags because they are so easy and accessible –humans were using them before plastic was invented or became prolific. The ones that reduce waste in general such reusable or not using an item at all is the best solution (such as not using a straw), and then compostable such as paper or bamboo. . Personally I can’t believe how empty my bins are once I phased out most plastics – I use the paper sandwich/ mushroom veggie bags or paper retail shopping bags for my bin and wash out the bin if it gets dirty (and there are businesses now that can come clean your bins!) - there is always an alternative.” . . . . . . . . #waronwaste #waste #saynotoplastics #refuse #recycle #reuse #repurpose #upcycle #protectourgulf #saveouroceans #gogreen #nature #conservation #climateaction #marinedebris #beachcleanup #bethechange #adelaide #fogsv #friendsofgulfstvincent

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