A very successful Open Day was held at the Tennyson Dunes on September 15th.  More than 100 people attended, together with Ian Hunter, Minister for the Environment and Sustainability, Shadow Minister Michelle Lensink  and Stephen Mullighan, Labour candidate for the seat of Lee.

Professor Chris Daniels and Associate Professor Victor Gostin gave talks to groups of visitors, who were given tours of the dunes by members of the Tennyson Dunes Group.

The Tennyson Dunes Group was invited to a meeting with the Minister for The Environment and Sustainability the following week, where they were informed that the Minister has decided to declare Tennyson Dunes a Conservation Reserve, provided that the wider local community were supportive. A meeting will be held to gauge public opinion and a petition will be sent to local householders.

Looking south across the Tennyson Dunes

Looking south across the Tennyson Dunes

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