Natural History of Gulf St Vincent – published by the Royal Society of South Australia, 2008

If you care about our coast and marine environment there are many ways you can contribute to improving and protecting the gulf.

Responsible behaviour begins with what goes down the sinks at home, or is washed into stormwater drains.

Leave nothing but footprints when you go to the beach, and that goes for pets too! Pick up rubbish – marine debris is a serious problem for aquatic animals and birds.

Get involved in one or more of the many community action groups and citizen science projects that are operating around the State – Coastal Ambassadors, Dune Care, Reef Watch are just a few.

The Friends of Gulf St Vincent are managing a water quality monitoring project – the Secchi Project. We need volunteers to measure water clarity at jetties around the gulf. For more information about the Secchi project click here.

Learn more about the wondrous treasures at our doorstep and you will become a willing champion of our gulf. There are a couple of excellent publications about the gulf, particularly  “Natural History of Gulf St Vincent”, a joint publication of the FoGSV and the Royal Society of South Australia (can be purchased from the Royal Society of South Australia), and our booklet “Gulf St Vincent – a precious asset“.

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